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Pt. Roop Chand Ji Joshi


I am extremely thankful to

Shree Yograj Prabhakar Ji,  Patiala (Punjab)

for giving me permission to display his collection of Lal Kitab

Grah Devta as per Lal Kitab

Lord Vishnu - SUN                      Lord Shiva - MOON                   Lord Hanuman - MARS

Godess Durga - MERCURY          Lord Brahma - JUPITER            Godess Lakshmi - VENUS

Baba Bhairon - SATURN               Godess Saraswati - RAHU           Lord Ganesha - KETU

The list of Lal Kitab remedies is as follows:

Remedies as given for Pitri - Rin

Do not accept charity or help from any body. Have faith on your own luck.

Fill the pit on the road, in front of your house.

Apply tilak or kesar or Haldi.

Durga Pujan or give sweets to the girls and obtain their blessings.

Service of elders.

Do not take bath in front of any body.

Going to the places of worship and doing puja.

Obtain the blessings of Family Priest.

Do business with your own children or on their advice.

Speak the truth, be religious.

Gold or golden ornaments be kept tied in a yellow cloth.

Maintain good moral character.

Instal a hand pump in the ancestral house.

Feed the blind.

Wear white cap or turban.

Drop a copper coin in a river.

Silver brick be buried in the foundation of the house.

Do Kanya daan.

Feed the monkeys.


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